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As a child I spent a great deal of time in the forest, playing, exploring, learning, making potions from flowers from our neighbour’s gardens (Sorry neighbours!). 

Early experiences sparked an interest in medicine and healing in me at a young age.


In the late 80's I gained a clinical degree in biochemistry and immunology but realised I wanted to work with people rather than be sat in a laboratory all day. It was also at this time I first came across Reiki as it was first emerging in the UK which had a profound impact on me. My early life had been a difficult one and it prompted me to explore further to satisfy my thirst for understanding and seek out a different way of living and being. This took me to South East Asia, India and Sri Lanka where I learned different philosophies, martial arts and in particular Kriya Yoga, which changed my life completely.

I continued to revisit South East Asia, India and Sri Lanka in the following years visiting ashrams, temples and practicing yoga, martial arts and various healing systems and techniques.

I returned to the UK and started a career as a nurse and have spent the last 10 years before I retired, working in the NHS as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. 

Early on in nursing I had also trained in Homeopathy and Naturopathy to complement what I had learned so far. I ran a practice for years and then about 15 years ago I had the opportunity to study Person-centred Counselling which was pivotal in my understanding of childhood, trauma and developing a language, skills and experience which deepened my understanding further.

I started exploring Shamanism over 20 years ago, then in 2007 I co-founded the 3Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism and Animism with my partner Paul Francis where I have been in a support and development role while Paul has been at the forefront teaching and writing.

I've also trained in Advanced IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy), a gentle but very effective treatment for working with trauma and facillitating change.


Most recently I have been learning the IFS model of psychotherapy and have now completed the IFS Institute professional training and am an IFS L1 Practitioner.

  • BSc (Hons) Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology

  • PGD RN Adult

  • MSc PGD Advanced Nurse Practitioner

  • MSc V300 Independant Prescribing

  • PGD Person Centred Counselling

  • PGD Homeopathy

  • Flower Essence Practitioner

  • Dip Naturopathy

  • Reiki I, II, Master Practitioner

  • Dip Indian Head Massage

  • Metamorphic Technique Practitioner

  • IEMT Practitioner

  • Advanced IEMT Practitioner

  • Integral Homeopathy 

  • Therapeutic Shamanism Practitioner

  • EMDR Dip CPD

  • Trauma Therapy - a somatic approach CPD

  • Trauma Survival CPD

  • Trauma First Aid CPD

  • MindBody Therapy CPD

  • Brief Therapy CPD

  • IEMT and PTSD

  • IFS Clinical Applications

  • IFS Complex Trauma

  • IFS Foundations 

  • IFS and the Polyvagal Theory

  • Janina Fisher's Trauma Treatment Certification Training (CCTP)

  • IFS Institute Practitioner training

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