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Inner Tribe Work: Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, and Parts-Of-Self Therapy

 Many modern psychotherapies have come to understand that we are made up of parts-of-self such as Internal Family Systems Therapy, Voice Dialogue Work, Transactional Analysis, and various other psychotherapies that work with the idea of “sub-personalities”. In these therapies, it is understood that the issues people present with are often due to the various parts-of-self being in an unhealthy relationship with each other, with some having too much power and others being marginalised or even excluded altogether. How our 'inner world' functions will inevitably influence how we are in relation to the 'outside' world.

Shamanism also understands that we are not a single "I” but are instead made up of different "parts-of-self" – an “inner tribe”. As with any tribe, for it to be healthy, each of its members needs to be honoured and understood, and brought into healthy relationship, and much of shamanic practice is about doing this. As well as honouring the middle-world self and its different sub-parts, this includes honouring Body, Soul and Spirit. It also includes the ancient shamanic practice of soul retrieval – finding lost soul parts, bringing them back, and helping them to integrate again.

The area of parts-of-self work is one area where shamanism and psychotherapy overlap. As well as the similarities though, the different approaches, knowledge and insights that shamanism and psychotherapy have in this area means that they also have much they both can contribute in supporting a healing journey.

How to Book a Session

At present, all the work I offer is online (through Zoom). If you wish to explore working together the first step is to book an initial exploratory 20-30 minute meeting. There is no fee for this and it is not a treatment session, but so that we can ‘meet’ each other and get a sense as to whether working together feels right, and if so, so that I can explain the options and the next steps in the process, including booking the first healing session.

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